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Indoor Bonsai Trees

The UK's Finest Selection Of Indoor Bonsai Trees.

Indoor bonsai have become extremely popular in recent years. They make excellent gifts because they are different and say something about you. Most of them are tropical or semi-tropical species. They usually require lots of light and fairly constant temperature and humidity. The secret is not to forget to water them!
Do not panic if a deciduous tree loses some (or all) its leaves in the Autumn and Winter. This is quite normal, they are shedding their old leaves to make way for the new ones which will come in the Spring. Trees like the Pepper, Chinese Elm, Pomegranate will shed all their leaves in Autumn. But remember to continue checking if they need water during the Winter, although they will need alot less than in Spring and Summer.

The easiest of all the Indoor varieties is the Ficus. It is the most trouble free of all the Indoor varieties. It can stand normal living room conditions. All the other indoor varieties such as the Chinese Elm, Pistacia, Myrtles etc, need a cool room and should preferably be kept outdoors in the Summer. If you have a conservatory, this is a good environment for your indoor bonsai in Winter, but in Summer - the conservatory will be too warm.

Please note that heights given in the descriptions are approximate and are to the nearest 5cm. The beauty, shape and trunk thickness are the more important factors. Remember - size isn't everything in bonsai. It's the beauty and quality of the tree that matters.
Our Products
Ficus Bonsai Tree
Ficus Bonsai Tree planted in a lovely unglazed round bonsai pot, approximately 50cm tall. Ideal for indoors and beginners.
Ficus Bonsai Landscape | Clearance | COLLECTION ONLY
This is the clearance price for this lovely Ficus Bonsai Tree and is COLLECTION ONLY. This tree has some training but would be a great project for someone. Approximately 42-44cm tall and displayed in a ceramic bonsai pot.
Ulmus parvifolia Chinese Elm
Ulmus parvifolia ‘Chinese Elm’ (deciduous) Bonsai, approximately 43-50cm tall. Complete in a Ceramic Bonsai Pot. Easy to care for so a lovely tree for a beginner.
Ulmus parvifolia Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree
Ulmus parvifolia ‘Chinese Elm’ (deciduous) Bonsai Tree, between 26-30cm tall. Complete in a ceramic bonsai pot. This tree sheds leaves in Autumn/ Winter.
Chinese Elm’  Landscape | Mica Pot
Ulmus parvifolia ‘Chinese Elm’ (deciduous) Bonsai Landscape with Rock, between 38 & 46cm tall and planted in an oval mica bonsai pot.
Ulmus parvifolia Chinese Elm
Ulmus parvifolia ‘Chinese Elm’ (deciduous) Bonsai, between 45-52cm tall. Complete in a ceramic bonsai pot. Easy to care for so a lovely tree for a beginner.