Evergreen Bonsai Outdoor Trees
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Pinus thunbergii | Japanese Black Pine | herons bonsai
Pinus thunbergii | Japanese Black Pine. Around 48cm tall in an oval blue ceramic bonsai pot.
english yew bonsai starter trees | set of two
Set of Two English Yew Bonsai Starter Trees, They Are Very Well Branched, Around 20cm Tall, In Plastic Pots.
mugo pine bonsai
Mugo Pine Bonsai, Around 50cm Tallm In Green Ceramic Bonsai Pot.
japanese yew bonsai tree
Semi Trained Mature Wired English Yew Bonsai Tree, Around 55cm Tall, complete in plastic bonsai pot.
olive bonsai | small pre-trained | herons bonsai
Pre-Trained Olive Tree, around 35cm Tall, Plastic Training Pot
Taxus baccata Wired English Yew Bonsai | Herons Bonsai
Wired English Yew Bonsai Tree and in plastic bonsai pot. Great as a starter tree.
Extra Large specimen of Atlantic Cedar
Extra Large specimen of Atlantic Cedar For collection from nursery only
chinese juniper itiogawa bonsai tree
Chinese Juniper Itoigawa Bonsai Tree, Around 35cm Tall, Complete in Cream ceramic bonsai pot
japanese white pine bonsai tree
Japanese White Pine, Around 45cm Tall. In an unglazed Ceramic Pot
Chinese Juniper | Itiogawa bonsai tree
Chinese Itiogawa Juniper, between 50&54cm tall in a plastic pot.
Hinoki Cypress Landscape
Lovely Hinoki Cypress Landscape, around 57cm tall. COLLECTION ONLY
Pine Bonsai Tree Landscape
Beautiful Pine Bonsai Tree Landscape, between 44 & 47cm tall, displayed in a Bonsai Pot. COLLECTION ONLY