Deciduous Bonsai Trees
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english beech starter bonsai trees
Lovely Set of 4 English Beech Bonsai Starter Trees, Around 5/6 Years Old, These Trees Have Been Specially Prepared For Bonsai, Around 30cm Tall In Plastic Pots.
Viburnum opulus ‘guelder rose’ | Ceramic Pot £49
Viburnum opulus ‘guelder rose’, approximately 38-40cm tall and planted in a ceramic pot.
ginkgo semi trained bonsai tree group forest | herons bonsai
Group of Ginkgo Bonsai Trees, around 40cm Tall, In a ceramic bonsai pot
korean hornbeam specimen
Korean Hornbeam specimen Tree, grown over rock to show the incredible root system.
dawn redwood forest - 4 trees
Beautiful Dawn Redwood Group, Compiled from 5 Trees around 90cm tall, in Ceramic Bonsai Pot. COLLECTION ONLY
dawn redwood bonsai - starter tree
Dawn Redwood Bonsai Starter Tree, Around 50/60cm Tall, In Plastic Pot.
european hornbeam - large (semi trained) bonsai
Large Semi Trained European Hornbeam Bonsai Tree, Around 90cm Tall, Partially wired up
ginkgo starter bonsai trees | set of two
Set of Two Ginkgo Starter Bonsai Trees, Well Branched, Around 4-6 years old and in plastic pots
korean hbm specimen d
This is a Korean Hornbeam with a massive trunk and good taper. Planted in a nice English hand made pot. Quality tree
European Beech Semi specimen B
English Beech Specimen Tree Call Us on 01342 832657 For More information on this tree
Parthenocissus quinquefolia ‘Virginia creeper’
Parthenocissus quinquefolia ‘Virginia creeper’ - beautiful colours and displayed in ceramic pots £39 each
dawn redwood forest - 4 trees
Beautiful Dawn Redwood Group, Compiled from 10+ Large Trees, in Mica Bonsai Pot.