Bonsai For Beginners

Bonsai for Beginners

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Japan Pepper | Broom Style | £25 | Blue Pot | Herons Bonsai
Broom Style Pepper bonsai tree, approximately 30-32cm tall and in blue ceramic bonsai pot. Easy to care for, good for a beginner.
Ligustrum 'Chinese Privet' | S-Shape
This is an ideal gift for beginners to bonsai. S-Shape Ligustrum displayed in a ceramic pot and approximately 25-27cm tall.
Metasequoia glyptostroboides 'Dawn Redwood'
OUTDOOR DECIDUOUS Beautiful Dawn Redwood Bonsai Tree, approximately 45-50cm tall and in a ceramic bonsai pot. If buying from October onwards please note the leaves will be more yellow/orange before shedding.
Ceramic Under Tray | Mottled Blue Rectangle 23x17cm | £12
Ceramic Under tray 30.5cm long x 23cm wide and it's a mottled blue, green colour.
Outdoor Feed Kit
All you need to keep your outdoor or indoor bonsai looking healthy. This kit includes: 1 x Omakase slow reliease bonsai pellets (can be used for indoor or outdoor bonsai), 2 x Bonsai fertiliser baskets (different sizes), 1 x Bonsai Basic Handbook
Red Deshojo Maple in Blue Training Pot | £175 | Herons Bonsai
Red Deshojo Maple Bonsai Tree that has stunning red foliage, in a plastic training pot, between 34-37cm tall. This picture was taken at the beginning of the season (March) before the leaves have come out fully.
Ligustrum 'Variegated Chinese Privet'
This is an ideal gift for beginners to bonsai. Variegated privet displayed in an oval ceramic pot and approximately 20-21cm tall.
Premium Bonsai Repotting Kit
The complete Premium Bonsai Repotting Kit, a great kit to help with repotting your bonsai and a fantastic gift.
Luxury Bonsai Repotting Kit (scissors, mesh, steel rake,tunrtable,brush, steel scoops, root hook)
This high quality Luxury Bonsai Repotting Kit is great kit to help with repotting your bonsai and a fantastic gift.
Premium Bonsai Toolkit
The complete Premium Bonsai Toolkit, all you need to get you started with your new hobby or give it as a gift.
Ulmus parvifolia ‘Chinese Elm’ | COLLECTION ONLY
Lovely Chinese Elm (deciduous) Bonsai, approximately 49cm tall and planted in a drum pot. Easy tree to care for so a good one for beginners.
Peter's simple guide for beginners
Peter's simple guide to bonsai for beginners. The essential guider to owning bonsai as a beginner.