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Bonsai for Beginners

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Ulmus parvifolia Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree
Ulmus parvifolia ‘Chinese Elm’ (deciduous) Bonsai Tree, between 26-30cm tall. Complete in a ceramic bonsai pot. This tree sheds leaves in Autumn/ Winter.
Ulmus parvifolia Chinese Elm  | S-Shape
Ulmus parvifolia ‘Chinese Elm’ (deciduous) Bonsai, between 50-56cm tall. Complete in a ceramic bonsai pot. This would thrive outdoors, if kept indoors would require lots of light.
DIY Exposed Root Chinese Elm
DIY Exposed Root Chinese Elm Kit contains 5 trees, a shallow pot, wire and soil. Please note that each tree will vary in size and shape.
Chinese Elm | Exposed Root | COLLECTION ONLY
This Chinese Elm (deciduous) Bonsai Root Over Rock is approximately 33-35cm tall and is planted in an oval mica pot. Great tree for someone new to bonsai. This item would need to be collected from the nursery.
Ulmus parvifolia Chinese Elm Forest
Ulmus parvifolia ‘Chinese Elm’ (deciduous) Bonsai forest, approximately 22-25cm tall. Complete in a Ceramic Bonsai Pot. Easy to care for so a lovely tree for a beginner. This tree can also live outdoors.
indoor bonsai care set
All you need to care for your 'Indoor Bonsai Tree'.
Herons Branded Bundle
A superb new gift. This Herons Branded Bundle includes: 1x Bonsai Bible written and signed by Peter Chan, 1x Herons T-Shirt (select Medium or Large), 1x Herons Keyring.