Bonsai For Beginners

Bonsai for Beginners

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Ulmus parvifolia ‘Chinese Elm’
Ulmus parvifolia or ‘Chinese Elm’ (deciduous) Bonsai, displayed in a delightful ceramic pot approximately 67-69cm tall. The recommend this bonsai is kept outside as it benefits from lots of light.
pyracantha bonsai tree
Pyracantha Bonsai, 32cm Tall, Ceramic Pot
under tray Size B
Japanese Plastic Drip Tray, Highest Quality.
pyracantha bonsai tree
Pyracantha Bonsai, 30cm Tall, Ceramic Pot
pyracantha bonsai tree
Pyracantha Bonsai, about 30-40cm Tall, In a variety of Ceramic Pots. Very good value trees.
red deshojo maple
Red Deshojo Maple Bonsai Tree, stunning foliage and a beautiful red colour. around 45cm tall and displayed in a ceramic pot.
dawn redwood forest - 9 trees | herons bonsai
Outdoor and Deciduous Dawn Redwood Group, Compiled from 9 Trees, in Ceramic Bonsai Pot.
Flowering Cuphea or False Heather Bonsai
Attractive and easy to keep flowering Cuphea (or False Heather) approximately 28-30cm tall and in a ceramic bonsai pot.
Metasequoia Glyptostroboides | Dawn Redwood Forest 15+ Trees
Dawn Redwood Forest (Metasequoia Glyptostroboides), Compiled from 15+ Trees
Juniperus communis ‘Common Juniper’ | Starter bundle
This Bundle would make a great gift for someone who wants to style their own tree from scratch or someone who wants a bit of practice. This bundle gives you everything you need to get started. A real treat.
Dawn Redwood Forest - 9 Trees - Round Ceramic | Herons Bonsai
OUTDOOR DECIDUOUS Beautiful Dawn Redwood Group, made up of around 9 Trees, in a round ceramic Bonsai pot. If buying from October onwards please note the leaves will be more yellow/orange before shedding.
Pyracantha anguvstifolia ‘Firethorn’  Bonsai Tree
Beautiful Pyracantha Bonsai Tree, between 36-38cm tall.