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Peter Chan's Bonsai Books

Peter Chan is one of the most respected bonsai authors in the world.

His first book 'Bonsai - The art of growing and keeping miniature trees' (first published in 1985) is a world best seller and is still in print. This, together with his other seven books have been the inspiration and instigator of many a bonsai enthusiast's interest in the hobby. Many of his books have been translated into most of the major European languages - his first two books have in fact been translated into eight languages!

There are literally thousands of bonsai enthusiasts the world over who owe their interest to Peter's books. Artists such as Sandro Segniri read nothing but Peter's first book for two years when he embarked on his bonsai journey. Peter continues to receive testimonials from fans throughout the world. Just the testimonials from readers could fill a book!

Here are some typical examples :-

'I am one of your fans and love your work. ..... I really enjoy your books and have most of them' From Dale Harder, President of the Cleveland Bonsai Assn.

'Me and my father's bonsai adventure started in 1990 when my father was given your book Bonsai Masterclass, but in Italian language. Long time that book was my only source of information about bonsai. I am from Croatia and at that time only few people in the country had some assumptions about bonsai trees ...... Thank you' -
From Marija -Croatia

'Its most unfortunate that we cannot import Itoigawa Juniper from you into the United States. Incidentally, your book 'Bonsai Masterclass' was instrumental in shaping my concept of bonsai fifteen years ago. Something 'clicked' as I studied the photos of you chopping massive trees down to size and I realized that we could do this with 'Big Stuff'. Suddenly, my potted seedlings were back in the ground and I was off collecting. Thank you for that. Respectfully - Brian van Fleet - USA.

'My wonderful wife gave me a copy of your great 'Bonsai Masterclass'. I just love it! What a great book! If I send it to you will you sign it for me. My best to you.' - From Jim Osborne - Past President of the Greater New Orleans Bonsai Society. 26 December 2009.

Peter's books can be purchased from most book-stores, but if you wish to have personally autographed copies of his more recent books, you can order them on-line here.
Our Products
Tianjinbaochengbinguan Hardback Book
Tianjinbaochengbinguan Hardback Book | Includes some beautiful stamps
Penjing of the World
Penjing of the World. Hardback book with lovely pictures of bonsai trees displayed by people from around the world.
bonsai by peter chan - published by chrysallis in 2003
The ideal book for bonsai beginners.
bonsai an inspirational guide by peter chan
Perfect for inspiring bonsai enthusiasts.
Budget version of Bonsai Inspiration.
Perfect book for progressing in bonsai
Peter's simple guide for beginners
Peter's simple guide to bonsai for beginners. The essential guider to owning bonsai as a beginner.
Choosing and Growing Bonsai - A New Hamlyn Book
The only guide you need for buying and growing bonsai
the bonsai bible
The Bonsai Bible. The definitive guide to bonsai.
Rare limited edition of Peter's 'Create Your Own Bonsai'
Rare limited edition of Peter's 'Create Your Own Bonsai' Printed 1989 - one of Peter's rare books.
Bonsai Masterclass - Autographed copy
One of Peter's most famous and most influential books. Written in 1987. Though these books are used they are autographed by Peter Chan.
Bonsai - The Art of Growing and Keeping Mature Trees by Peter Chan
Bonsai - The Art of Growing and Keeping Mature Trees by Peter Chan. This book isn't new and is signed by Peter Chan.
Ling Yun Xian Zi | An assemblage of high-quality lingbi stones in Baocheng museum in China
Ling Yun Xian Zi | An assemblage of high-quality lingbi stones in Baocheng museum in China. Written in Chinese and English this book has many wonder pictures of these stones.