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Available Classes

The regular classes are for all levels as we each person learns at his or her pace. With individual attention, you will be surprised how much you can learn in just one day.

Workshop dates for the next two months are listed.
If you would like to do a 1-2-1 with Peter, please contact him direct.
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our regular classes are run throughout the year. 
these are the dates for next couple of months
Our Regular classes are run throughout the year. For Winter workshops we reserve the right to cancel last minute depending on the temperature, please check with us before you book travel.
diy maple forest 21 trees + ?89 pot
DIY Maple forest 11 trees + 89 pot. Please contact us for dates before booking.
Cascade Juniper Bonsai Workshop
Learn to make your own Juniper Cascade Bonsai from nursery material. Please get in touch to see what dates are available.
herons bonsai residencial workshop
Herons Bonsai Residential Facility for workshop participants. Please email for more details.