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Bonsai Landscapes

The UK's Finest Collection of Bonsai Landscapes

Bonsai trees are gradually being welcomed into the gardening and landscaping themes of individuals from all continents. These beautiful, charming trees are excellent because of their variety of shapes and sizes which can easily fit into any plot of land. While all bonsai trees are grown so that they are significantly smaller than their full grown counterparts, there still exists relative differences in the height of bonsai trees. However, despite the overall convenience of their size, choosing to landscape with bonsai trees can actually be somewhat difficult. Traditionally, there are several factors that one must consider when creating a landscape appropriate for best displaying bonsai trees.
Our Products
Serissa Bonsai Tree Landscape
Lovely Serissa Bonsai Tree Landscape planted in a gorgeous unglazed bonsai pot. Approximately 28-30cm. This would need collecting from the bonsai nursery.
English Oak Landscape | Large | OL15001
Large English Oak Landscape with rocks , Around 65cm Tall, Unglazed Ceramic Bonsai Pot COLLECTION ONLY
English Oak Shohin Landscape
Gorgeous Outdoor English Oak Shohin Landscape. Approximately 16-20cm tall and planted in a ceramic Bonsai Pot. Rocks and figure may need to be removed when sending.
Chinese Juniper Landscape with Carved Wood & Succulents | COLLECTION ONLY
Beautifully displayed Chinese Juniper (approx 38cm tall). This particular landscape also has accent carving of the wood and is planted with succulents. A real delight. Due to the nature of this piece it is COLLECTION ONLY.
Hinoki Cypress Shohin Bonsai Tree Landscape
This is a lovely outdoor Hinoki Cypress Shohin Bonsai Landscape. Approximately 16-17cm tall and planted in a ceramic pot. Please note the appearance may vary depending on the season. We may need to remove rock and figure when sending.
Ficus Bonsai Landscape | COLLECTION ONLY
Lovely Ficus Bonsai Tree Landscape which looks great from all angles. Approximately 34cm tall and displayed in ceramic bonsai pot. Great for beginners.