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The UK's Finest Selection of Bonsai Books

Peter Chan is one of the most respected bonsai authors in the world. His first book 'Bonsai - The art of growing and keeping miniature trees' (first published in 1985) is a world best seller and is still in print. This, together with his other seven books have been the inspiration and instigator of many a bonsai enthusiast's interest in the hobby. Many of his books have been translated into most of the major European languages - his first two books have in fact been translated into eight languages!
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bonsai by peter chan - published by chrysallis in 2003
The ideal book for bonsai beginners.
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bonsai an inspirational guide by peter chan
Perfect for inspiring bonsai enthusiasts.
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Choosing and Growing Bonsai - A New Hamlyn Book
The only guide you need for buying and growing bonsai
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Bonsai Masterclass - Autographed copy
One of Peter's most famous and most influential books. Written in 1987. Though these books are used they are autographed by Peter Chan.
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Palms by Alec Blombery & Tony Rodd
Palms is an informative, practical guid to palms of the world" their cultivation, care and landscape use.
Tianjinbaochengjituanzhencangce Hardback book that is a little unusual in that it has pictures and descriptions of places and stamps to go along with them.
Bonsai Masterpieces handbook and Hardback Book
Rare Japanese commemorative album from the early '60s. Ideal for bonsai museums or collectors of fine bonsai memorabilia.
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'The Bonsai Beginners Bible' - by Peter Chan
The Bonsai Beginner's Bible. The definitive guide to bonsai. Available NOW