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The UK's Finest Selection of Bonsai Accessories
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Creativity Figurine with Bonsai Tree | large scissors
Delightful ceramic creativity figurine holding bonsai scissors and with ceramic bonsai tree.
Kokeshi Doll | wearing a Kimono
Are you looking for gift that is both beautiful and unusual? Look no further than the Happy Kimono wearing Kokeshi Doll. Price is for one doll and you can select which one you'd like from the drop down menu.
Small Ceramic Panda
These are very cute little ceramic pandas. P01 SOLD OUT
House | Temple Figurine
Delightful ceramic House or Temple Figurine. Choose which one you want using the drop down menu.
Genuine Japanese 'End of Hose' Lance
Genuine Japanese 'end of hose - or watering can' Lance. For watering your bonsai.​