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The UK's Finest Bonsai Tree Gift Ideas

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If you know someone who is keen on bonsai, and would like to give them a bonsai related present (Bonsai Trees, Bonsai Pots, Bonsai Tools, Bonsai Books) - then here are some ideas for you. If you are the Bonsai enthusiast yourself, then here are some ideas for your Wish List. Get your friends and loved ones to order from Herons.
Our Products
Self Watering System for Bonsai | 20cm
Hydrobonsai or Self Watering System for Bonsai. Comes with a felt cord that is dipped in water and fed through the bottom on the bonsai pot. Good if you're away for the weekend.
Maneki-neko Lucky Cat | Small | White
Maneki-neko or Lucky Cat is a common Japanese figure said to bring luck to the owner. White Cat 5cm tall.
Maneki-neko Lucky Cat | Small | Black
Maneki-neko or Lucky Cat is a common Japanese figure said to bring luck to the owner. Black Cat 5cm tall.
oriental zen soapstone oil burner
Delight your senses. Pick the oil you wish to use place a few drops in the top with some water light the tea light and relax with this lovely quality oil burner.
Rocks for Bonsai Landscapes | Herons Bonsai
Rocks for Bonsai Landscapes - Create your own landscape with these rocks. Place in your bonsai to create a different scene.
1L Stainless Steel Watering Can
This is lovely Stainless Steel Watering Can that holds 1L of water. It has a lovely slender spout making watering your bonsai more accurate. This would make a great gift.
zen feng shui buddha candle set
Infuse your home with the serenity of a Buddhist temple with this enchanting candle set
artistic buddha face keepsake box
Handmade Buddha Face Keepsake Box
Incense sticks and wooden ash catcher
Create calm with these buddha incence sticks and wooden ash catcher.
Bonsai Tree Lapel Pin
This is a lovely Bonsai Tree lapel pin (the tree is approx 2.5cm long)
Bowl Made by Peter Chan
Back in the 1980's Peter made a few different ceramics. Here is one of his bowls. Dimensions: 18cm (top edge to edge) x 6.5cm deep.
Stainless Steel Scoops with Sieve
3 stainless steel soil scoops with an integrated sieve in the largest of the set. A great help when it is time to repot your tree.