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We stock a very comprehensive range of bonsai tools, soils and sundries. Our range of tools include the high quality Japanese tools, and the cheaper budget tools from China. Soils and growing medium include our own special bonsai mix, and all the  Japanese ones such as Akadama, Kanuma, Huega etc.

If you want the very best tools, then the Japanese branded ones are the thing for you. If you are not that fussy about brand names and just want the basic tools that do the job, then the Chinese tools are perfectly adequate. Our online shop shows most of the tools we stock, but if you need a special tool or one in a very large size, please contact us direct. We usually have it in stock.

We are happy supply soil online, but just keep an eye on the total weight of your order as soils are heavy. The basic carriage charge will cover orders up to 20kg and two bags of Double Line Akadama (15litre size) will just about come up to this limit. Kiryu sand is heavy as one bag can weigh 12kg.

Ibigawa Pool rock B
Price £295.00
Ibigawa Rock D
Price £350.00
Ibigawa pool rock E
Price £295.00
Ibigawa Pool rock J
Price £350.00
Ibigawa rock G -
Price £175.00