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Trees Suited For Bonsai Beginners

These Trees are by far the easiest to maintain, care for and keep alive. They require less maintenance than other species of bonsai making them ideal for beginner bonsai owners, or as a gift. 
All beginner trees come with the 'Bonsai Basics Care Book' (Usually £4)  which has all the information needed to care for a bonsai. We also include a specialist care sheet for your bonsai.

Use our bonsai tree finder to find out what tree is best for you.

bonsai gift bag
Price £10.00
large pepper tree bonsai
Price £125.00
pyracantha bonsai tree
Price £249.00
small pepper tree bonsai
Price £25.00
red deshojo maple
Price £215.00
red deshojo maple
Price £99.00