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The UK's Finest Selection Of Bonsai Pots

We have thousands of pots of different sizes, shapes and colours as you can see from the pictures here of our pot shop at our nursery.
We have been importing pots from the famous Tokoname potteries of Japan since 1986 and from Yixing in China since 2000. We also have a few semi-antique pots, and pots by famous British potters. If you need a special pot for a very special tree, we are very likely to have it.

It is best to bring your tree to the nursery to match the pot to your tree, but if you really stuck for a pot of a particular shape, colour or size, give us a ring and we will see what we can do for you.

Order through the site or give us a ring.
We have a huge stock of Gordon Duffett pots which Peter commissioned back in the mid 1980's and early 1990's
- British pots by other famous potters
- Old Tokoname and Yama-iki pots
- Hand made Japanese drum & primitive pots
- Primitive 'Nan-ban' Japanese pots - semi antique in large sizes
- other Tokoname pots
- high quality Yixing pots

Please note - we prefer not to send large ceramic pots via the post or by courier as the risk of breakage is very high. 
This applies to large ceramic pots over 35cm long, 
The ceramic pots we sell on the site are the smaller ones which survive transport much better