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Herons Bonsai holiday care and repotting services prices

After being established over 30 years, we have gained a great number of customers.

Over the years, our customers have come back to us for help and advice in regards to maintaining the health of their tree. 

Many customers fear leaving their tree at home while they go away on holiday or they not fully trust leaving it with someone - here at Herons bonsai, we take bonsai in for holiday care, we will look after you tree, prune it, feed it and keep it healthy for when you return.

Repotting is another struggle for many bonsai owners, so we can also do this for you, all prices are shown below.

These are the base prices, and does not include the cost of a new pot if required.

Please call 01342 832657 or send us an email: adam@herons.co.uk to book your tree(s) in with us. 

Tree size 

Bonsai repotting service 

Bonsai Holiday care 

Up to 30cm tall
From £10 per tree £3 per week

Up to 60cm tall
From £15 per tree £5 per week

Up to 80cm tall
From £20 per tree £10 per week

Over 80cm tall
POA £10 per week